20 top healthy Christmas snacks to buy this year

20 top healthy Christmas snacks to buy this year

There is a chill in the air which means festivities is round the corner. Go to any cornerside shop and you will get the festive vibes - right from Christmas trees, fairy lights, tree ornaments and wonderful Christmas snacks to buy. Indeed it's the best time of the year with so many festive songs and movies on TV and OTT channels. 

But yes, any celebration is incomplete without healthy christmas snacks. The smell of home-baked cookies and candies are enough to make anyone’s mouth water! But with a hectic lifestyle, people choose to order healthy food and snacks online. 

What are some Healthy Christmas Snacks

Festive snacks are always indulgent, high in sugar, salt, oil, you name it. But it needn't be so always. You could always opt for healthy christmas snacks that make the atmosphere festive without the feeling of post-indulgence guilt or anxiety. After all, food is a vehicle for memories and not anxiety! Go to any healthy food online platforms and this term ‚Äėchristmas snacks to buy‚Äô would be high! This is because people want to make healthy choices all the time! So are there such baked, not fired, quality ingredient snacks around?¬†

The answer is a big fat yes! We present to you a list of 20 easy healthy christmas snacks that will make your festive period guilt-free and fun! 

20 Best Healthy and Unjuked Christmas Snacks

1. Dry fruits and nuts

Dry fruits, nuts, dried berries are the best healthy Christmas snacks that are great for your health too. Protein and fibre-packed, they can infuse cheer with their delicious nutty taste. To amp up the pizzaz, add flavoured nuts to the mix! 

2. Cookies

There cant be any other easy Christmas snacks other than cookies! Make the cookies healthy by opting for no maida and no palm oil ones which are commonly used in most cookies. Try going for nut-based cookies for a healthy take on this delicacy. 

3. Healthy chocolates

Traditional Christmas snacks are always the highlight of this festival. Chocolates are a group fave most of the time! So why not include healthy chocolates in your healthy snack list! You can order sugar free chocolates along with other snacks online

4. Millet Chocolate cakes

If you are looking for healthy christmas treats then cake is surely one among them. But how to make it healthy? By making it with millet cake mixes. Simple search for christmas snacks online and you will find the most delightful, do-it-yourself healthy cake mixes.  

5. Fruit-based candies

Healthy christmas food is the one which incorporates the goodness of whole fruits and grains! Fruit juice based candies with no added sugar or artificial preservatives are easy snacks one can think of! 

6. Healthy millet biscuits

What is the most favourite Indian snack of all time? Biscuits! Make it healthy by adding millet flour and the goodness of butter. Skip the maida and the palm oil in most. If making them is too tedious, you could always order healthy christmas snacks

7. Multigrain chips

Time for some savoury variants too! Chips may not be a top christmas snacks ideas but a balance of sugar to the savoury is always better! Since this blog is about healthy christmas snacks, try the multigrain chips online! 

8. Peanut butter cookies

We are back with healthy cookies suggestions and this time it is yet another protein favourite peanut butter. Among the Christmas snacks to buy, please ensure you have protein rich peanut butter cookies in them.

9. Baked namkeens

Namkeen are one of the most-easy all-time snacks because they are so irresistible. But take a look at the ingredient list and you will find the most unhealthy ones there. Opt for baked ones with no palm oil and maida! 

10. Popped chips

Healthy food online can be ordered but the suggestions matter! When going for chips, go for popped and baked ones! Remember, there are many christmas snacks ideas  but you have to ensure there is no guilt post indulgence. 

11. Protein dessert bars

Make every meal a protein one as it will ensure your health goals are in place even during festivities. Protein bars are not among the traditional christmas snacks but make for a tasty deviance for once. 

12. Sugar free mithais

Healthy Indian Christmas snacks are surely mithai! Make it sugar-free to up the indulgence and reduce the guilt! 

13. Fruit based jellies

A healthy christmas treat is surely the ones which have candies and jellies in them. The squiggly fun snack is always a hit with everyone at Christmas. 

14. Sugar-free Bengali sweets

Imagine rasgulla but make it sugar-free. An instant healthy twist to healthy Indian Christmas snack 

15. Waffles 

Have you ever imagined healthy waffles with the goodness of protein in them? Include protein-rich waffles dessert as a must healthy snack to buy online. 

16. Pancakes

Find making cakes troublesome? Then whip up the millet cake batter but make it as pancakes! Yummy instant healthy food in a jiffy. 

17. Thandais and kulfis

Now for the cold dessert part! Make a difference with thandais and kulfis. But dont go for the regular sugar laden mixes but opt for the jaggery sweetened ones. Try the kesar badam thandai or kulfi mixes! 

18. Hot chocolate

In the mood for a hot beverage? Then indulge in a cup of hot beverage made with 100% cocoa. After all, hot chocolate is the most favoured treat of Christmas movies! 

19. 100% fresh fruit juice

There is always an audience for fresh fruit juice! 100% fresh fruit juice is a delight for everyone. It is not a christmas snacks idea but a delightful Christmas and all-time beverage! 

20. Green tea

And finally, the controversial suggestion! Where does green tea feature in festivities? It will when you have indulged a bit too much in parties. A nice sip of chamomile green tea is great for an upset tummy! It can get you started for another round of indulgence on Christmas snacks! 

So go on and enjoy healthy and easy Christmas Snacks Ideas for small parties and also for big! Go the healthy way as New Year is close and so will be the resolutions on health! Get the right start for the new year!
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