Are you called a Mean Mom? You should be!

Are you called a Mean Mom? You should be!

Are you called a Mean Mom? You should be!

“But it’s just one sweet, why don’t you let them have it?”

Every Mom hears this – or something like this – every single day. 




Too often, moms have to answer questions from their kids, friends, their own parents – about why they wouldn’t let their kids have that extra snack. Or let them start homework just 10 mins later. Or let them sleep a little longer. 

But if it’s one thing we know, it’s that Moms know what’s best for their children. Yet, they always end up being called a #MeanMom for doing what needs to be done!

Every day, Moms make some super tough decisions for their kids – from not letting them eat Masala Noodles for breakfast to not letting them stay up to watch a movie with dad beyond 10! They play the bad cop, sometimes even when they don’t want to, and make the best decisions for their child at the risk of Jr. telling his teacher that dad is his favorite parent! 

And we don’t make Moms’ lives any easier. Moms not only face all the tantrums from kids but also judgment from their friends & family every single day. “Itni bhi kya badi baat hai?” are words she is very familiar with, along with being labeled “too mean”. 

But every tough decision a mom makes, takes their child one step further on the right path! How do we know? Because we had Mean Moms too! Today when we look back, we finally understand what our Mothers were trying to do. No Masala Noodles for breakfast, because of how harmful they can be. No late nights, because she knew we wouldn’t learn or even have as much fun in school the next day!

So while we all felt anger, confusion & frustration towards her as a child – today, all we feel is gratitude! Deep deep gratitude. Because if our ‘Mean’ Moms weren’t as mean, and had given in to all the judgment around, we wouldn’t be the people we are today!

So, here is our very first Brand Video – an ode, a celebration of every ‘Mean Mom’ who fights judgment & tantrums every single day to make the right choice for her kids.

We see you & adore you, Moms!

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