Fitness- Nutrition Does having a fitness buddy really help?

Fitness- Nutrition Does having a fitness buddy really help?

Does having a fitness buddy really help?

We all know exercise is important to our mind & body – no brainer, there. But how often do we actually do it consistently? We often start off with a flaming motivation to workout, set goals, switch up junk food with healthy snacks, and maintaining an overall healthy diet; but cut to 3 weeks, and our motivation is already spiraling into a bunch of excuses. 


Those six pack abs just don’t feel important enough anymore!


That’s when you know: getting a fitness buddy would do the trick. Because, when you can’t push yourself, get someone else to do it for you!


Here are 3 simple, but super important ways in which a fitness buddy can help you get out of your slump! Let’s start with the obvious:


1. Staying Motivated & Consistent

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Staying motivated is one of the biggest & basic hurdles when we’re trying to get fit. It’s easy to slack off when you know you have no one to answer to. But when you know there’s someone waiting for you at the gym when it’s cold & dark outside, it’s hard to bail! You show up, don’t you? That’s why you need an accountability partner for consistency – someone you’re accountable to if you don’t show up.


Having a fitness buddy can ensure that you’re motivated and encouraged when you need it the most. That way, there’s always going to be a cheerleader to help you reach your health goals with no excuses holding you back. 


2. Keep a check on your diet

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It’s easy to skip leg day when you don’t have a buddy waiting for you, but it’s even easier to pick up an extra packet of chips, with no brake to pedal. But luckily, we have an easy 2-step fix.


Step 1: Instead of going for the fried chips, that aren’t doing your heart any favors, get healthier alternatives, like Nutty Chips. This will give you that extra push you need, by replacing the fat with the protein that comes with super grains.


Step 2: Share your healthy diets with your workout buddy! Sharing your health plans with each other can ensure that you check on & encourage each other to eat clean & healthy (and maybe even share referral discounts *surprise!*) 


3. New workout, New you

Having a partner with interests of their own, means you’re up for more adventures! You’re bound to try new kinds of exercise together, which could lead to developing some new favorites too. Or if you’re both hesitant to give that aerobics class a chance, this could be the right time to support each other. When you have a buddy who looks just as weird as you while they dance, it helps right? 😉


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Image Source: Danielle Cenrullo, Unsplash


While you get all these perks to having a buddy, need we mention how much more fun it is to work out with a buddy around? You’re stress-free, more likely to achieve your health goals, and bound to get a laugh every now and then, keeping you mentally fit as well!


There’s only one mantra you need: Keep your goals close & your friends closer!

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