Snacking trends in the times of lockdown

Snacking trends in the times of lockdown

Snacking trends in the times of lockdown

As the world continues to grapple with a pandemic and we all adjust to working from home, changes are all around us. From the way office meetings are conducted to the way we eat, workout and catch up with loved ones ‚Äď change is everywhere. Something as simple as snacking has changed completely and some snacking trends are here to stay.

The Quick and Easy Snack

Zero hassle, zero spillage and more importantly, amazing taste. These snacks are those that capture your imagination with punchy flavours and are also light on the wallet. Spicy, sweet, sour, tangy and more ‚Äď the taste matters here more than the health factor.

Street Snacks in a Pack 

Everyone is nostalgic about the times when we could step out and eat from road-side stalls and our favourite vendors. With lockdown easing, we are still months away from fulfilling that feeling of amazing flavours, but consumers continue to seek these flavours at home. Whether pre-packaged bhel with sauces or ready-made kebabs, street snacks have found their way into our homes once again, but they never quite taste the same.

Biscuits, Cookies and More

Cream filled, buttery and flaky ‚Äď biscuits make up a massive proportion of snack sales during COVID 19 lockdown. They are the easiest to consume, requiring just the opening of a package. But oftentimes, biscuits and cookies are packed with sugar and nuts. That‚Äôs where¬†Open Secret¬†comes in! A hearty cookie with 40-50% nuts, no added maida and delicious flavours our cookies are designed for guilt-free snacking. Three amazing flavours of¬†Choco Almond,¬†White Choco Cashew¬†and¬†Peanut Butter¬†carry amazing immunity boosting benefits and ramp up your abilities and energy too!

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Take away

As physical activity takes a back seat, your snack choices need to change too. We recommend finding a balance of healthy snacks that taste good and indulging your inner child every once in a while too. Grab yourself a balanced snack that’s great for the whole family here

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