The Battle of NUTS: Hazelnut Butter vs Peanut Butter

The Battle of NUTS: Hazelnut Butter vs Peanut Butter

The Battle of NUTS: Hazelnut Butter vs Peanut Butter

When it comes to Nut Butters, it always seems bizarre to rank them. They’re Nut Butters! They’re made of Nuts, how could they be unhealthy anyway? Ranking Nuts as per “health quotient” seemed like ranking veggies as per health quotient! All veggies are healthy and all veggies are super important, right? Wrong! Well, we mean not all Nut Butters are important. 


Some nut butters are healthier than others. Healthier, in that, they are higher in protein, healthy fats, and carbs. But most commercial butters available in the market (and we know there are a lot!) end up being not-so-healthy because they are heavily ladled with sugar. 


When it comes to Nut Butters, we know who’s topped our list and why. It’s Peanut Butter (as long as it isn’t doused with sugar, of course)! 

Why Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter just happens to be the ‘baap’ of all nut butters when it comes to its protein content. One serving of peanut butter (2 tablespoons) is super low on carbs and contains approx. 8g of protein! 

It is also high in monosaturated fats (MUFAs), which essentially help control your insulin levels. So, it charts super low on the glycemic index – which basically means it doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike too high too fast! You know what that means? It means Peanut Butter can make for a great nut butter for Diabetic patients! 

Now – Hazelnut Butter. What’s so evil about Hazelnut Butter? 



Hazelnut Butter is one of the most popular nut butters available, all thanks to a brand we all know and love. While natural, homemade hazelnut butter contains higher levels of calcium and no natural sugar, commercial hazelnut butter (which is usually what we go for) contains towering amounts of Added Sugar – to the point which makes it concentrated with more sugar than hazelnuts themselves! What makes it worse, is that they are also doused with extremely high amounts of Palm Oil – another ingredient that is definitely not a friend to your cholesterol levels. 


Just 2 tablespoons of this devilish dessert can have:

  • 200 Calories
  • 12g of fat (mostly saturated a.k.a the bad kind)
  • 23g Carbs
  • 21g Sugar
  • 2g of Protein


Since it also happens to be a hot choice when it comes to using it as an ingredient in desserts, many of us tend to indulge and romanticize the chocolatey spread. 


So where do we go from here?

We believe anything consumed in moderation can ensure health and happiness! While commercial hazelnut butter is low on nutritional value, you could always whip up a homemade version! Orrrr…. You could opt for some unsweetened Peanut Butter! 


Peanut Butter goes on almost anything you’d apply Hazelnut butter – bread, fruits, or simply have a spoonful! 

To spice it up, you could catch a break with our very own Spicy Peanut Butter! You didn’t see that one coming, did you? 😉

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