The Compound Effect: Small changes, Big results

The Compound Effect: Small changes, Big results

The Compound Effect: Small changes, Big resultsĀ 

Have you ever started off your year with a resolution to get fitter by swearing off on all the junk in the world & then failing to keep at it by February?Ā Ā 

Let us let you in on a secret today ā€“ to really lead a healthier lifestyle, you donā€™t need to make big changes! Just the small ones. By simply tweaking your existing lifestyle, it is possible to maintain great health in the long run.Ā 


When you make small, better-for-you changes to your day, youā€™re betting on staying more consistent & following through with your newly-adopted good habits for a much longer time! This is what we call theĀ Compound EffectĀ ā€“ where one small change practicedĀ consistently, can lead to enormous results eventually!

So here are 3 Life(style)-changing habits that can help you lead a healthier & happier life!


1. Start the day with water

Dehydration is a real-life situation (& the butt of memes) for many of us. Even the slightest dehydration can cause moodiness, fatigue, and not-so-optimum brain functions. Drinking water (at least 3 cups) before you take a sip of your coffee can help battle long-term dehydration and helps flush out toxins from your body! It also boosts your immune system & metabolism.Ā 


Source: Jana Sabeth, Unsplash

2. Go for a 10-min morning walk

If youā€™re having trouble committing to a long brisk walk at 6 am every day, slow down and start with a 10-min walk first! Getting out in the sun, even if itā€™s for a few minutes, can help energize your body, improve your mood, and set an overall different tone for the day! Getting some exercise, no matter how mild, can boost your memory and ensure youā€™re keeping a check on your physical, emotional & mental health as well.Ā 

3. Switch Sugar with Jaggery!

A delicious creamy chocolate shake, as you know, is usually that yummy because of all the sugar itā€™s loaded with. But Refined Sugar, or the silent killer as they call it, can become a source of health issues in the long run. Replace it with Jaggery instead which not only gives you the sweetness youā€™re looking for but also charts much lower on the glycemic index and also gives you a quick power-boost!


If youā€™re tied for time & looking for quick-fix Un-Junked Chocolate Shake, try ourĀ Choco-Almond Nutty Shake,Ā which skips the Sugar for Jaggery!



When it comes to good health, prioritize consistency over intensity. By incorporating these small changes in your day, youā€™re setting yourself up for success without completely having to compromise the things you love. There, the path to better health is now an Open Secret!

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