What are the Healthiest Nuts in the World?

What are the Healthiest Nuts in the World?

What are the Healthiest Nuts in the World?

Every Nut in the world has a reputation for being a great source of fiber, protein & fats. And for people who avoid meat, it acts as one of the most protein-packed superfoods! But if all the Nuts were to get down to the battle, which Nuts do you think would come out champions as the healthiest nuts in the world?


We’ve narrowed them down to these 4 & here’s why:



Almonds contain the highest amount of calcium than any other nut. They are also super-rich in fiber, vitamins, protein, antioxidants & monosaturated fats! And to add to that – they’re delicious!


So if you’re looking for a snack that replaces the potato chips in your drawer, keep a handful of nuts handy! Just in case you need a little extra flavor to your nuts, we like to go with a sweet (no sugar) caramel coating. 


almonds, source of protein,

Image Source: Unsplash, Jocelyn Morales



100g of peanuts can contain up to 26g of protein! So if you’re on a vegetarian diet, peanuts become the best option for a powerful boost of protein. 


They’re also a great source of MUFAs & PUFAs which prevents death! Yeah, you read that right. They lower your cholesterol levels by preventing them from depositing in your veins and in turn, the risk of heart diseases!


The best way to get the best of health and taste both is to roast them up & season them! Or you could make a finger-licking butter out of them too! If you’re too caught up to make a delicious roasted snack or a perfect Peanut Butter, you know where to find them 🙂


peanuts, source of protein, diabetes friendly

Image Source: Unsplash, Isai Dzib


Cashews surpass even Almonds when it comes to minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and copper! All of these minerals play an important role in bone strength as well as hair and skin health! 


And here’s one benefit you didn’t see coming: It protects the eyes! Cashews contain an antioxidant, Zea Xanthin, that gets absorbed into the retina with ease and helps protect from harmful UV rays!


Cashews, bone strength

Image Source: Unsplash, Pranav Kumar Jain


As kids, our moms have always pushed us to consume almonds and walnuts – all under the claim that they made us smarter! And – it’s true.


Walnuts contain the highest amount of fatty acids than any other nut – roughly 65g in a serving of 100g! But, it’s the good kind (PUFAs) that are crucial when it comes to brain development & functioning. 


These healthy fats, Omega-3 & Vitamin E, all help the brain function better than the best and prevent depressive symptoms, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s too!


walnuts, source of healthy fats, good for the brain

Image Source: Unsplash, Engin Akyurt


Our winners today are not only some of the healthiest nuts, but are some of the healthiest foods there are! They’re all equipped with their own superpowers and help the body grow and fight off diseases by keeping our immune system in check. A healthy dose – either a handful of nuts or 2 tablespoons of nut butter can give you the boost of nutrients you need for the day!

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