Our Story dup


Our Culture 


Care at the Core

Only the best locally manufactured and sourced ingredients go into our products overseen by the careful eyes of mothers from the local community. The result, a pack full of warmth, love and nutrition. 

Quality products only/ Quality-first / Un-Junking first

Right from ingredients to the formulation, our strict UnJunking principles only allow the best quality products to be made and hosted on our platform. You can trust Open Secret with your health needs. 

Women at the Helm 

More than 50% of our workforce is composed of women from all walks of life. Our products are manufactured by women on the shop floor. Our leadership team is headlined by women. 


Our Values

Making UnJunked foods and beverages accessible to every family in every corner of India. 

The Promise

Local and Un-Junked.¬† We curate the brands and products that fit our ‚ÄėUnJunk‚Äô mission.

Leaving no one behind

From Bharatpur to Mumbai, Open Secret wishes that every child and every family has access to healthy food and drink that are UnJunked of harmful and poor quality ingredients! 

Building memories

Food should be a vehicle for memories, not a source of anxiety. Open Secret wishes to bring back the magic and emotions attached to food; rather than guilt over diets and junk foods.