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      Choco Almond Cereal-FOP
      Choco Almond Cereal- Goodness Ingredients
      Choco Almond Cereal-BOP
      Choco Almond Cereal-Ingredients
      Choco Almond Cereal-Nutri Info
      Choco Almond Cereal-FOP
      Choco Almond Cereal- Goodness Ingredients
      Choco Almond Cereal-BOP
      Choco Almond Cereal-Ingredients
      Choco Almond Cereal-Nutri Info
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      Choco Almond Cereal


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      What’s‌ ‌in‌ ‌it?‌ ‌

      Our Un-Junked Desi Cereal is made of Daliya and Red Poha
      They contain Zero Refined Sugar
      They have Zero Added Maida
      They contain Zero Artificial Preservatives
      A wholesome breakfast for the family
      All our products are vegetarian and all-natural
      Our Cereal is Handcrafted & Made in India

      What you get:

      350g of Ready to Eat Cereals, rich in Fiber & Protein

      Why you would love it!

      Presenting India ka Apna Cereal with Daliya, Red Poha and Jaggery! All the nutrition none of the sugar!

      We took your Sugary Cereal and flipped the script! Our Chocolate Almond Cereal contains ZERO REFINED SUGAR but the same chocolatey punch!

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      31 reviews for Choco Almond Cereal

      1. 5.0

        Goutam Reddy

        Definitely worth trying !. Super tasty and healthy breakfast option. Really liked the flavour and the fact it has so many nuts makes it all the more loving

      2. 5.0

        Kushagra Verma

        Best cereal ever. Haven’t tasted anything like this, real nuts, real muesli, real taste

      3. 5.0

        Afsir Ahsan

        Good product. Good product and it’s fresh

      4. 5.0


        Loved this cerial. It’s perfectly balanced in sweetness and has just the right amount of chew to it.

      5. 5.0


        Great Breakfast. Really Enjoyed it eating with or without milk.

      6. 5.0


        Amazing product!. I’m usually not this much in love with cereal, but this tastes amazing! So much so that, I eat a lil bit everytime I pass by it! Daliya and red Poha adds to the health quotient 🙂 I wanna try other open secret products now!

      7. 5.0

        Shubam K.

        Best tasting no sugar chocolate museli. Best tasting no sugar chocolate museli

      8. 5.0

        Shashwat Jain

        Great low sugar low calorie way to get your vitamins for the day. Even if you are on a diet, you can trust this to be your breakfast

      9. 5.0

        Sarala Agarwal

        I’m a vegetarian, so I prefer to eat Open Secret cereal over any other cereal because I know that it is providing me with a great source of a number of different vitamins and minerals that my diet may be lacking. It has become a part of my daily breakfast!!

      10. 5.0

        Kashvi Desai

        My daughter loves this. It is all she ever wants to eat for breakfast.

      11. 5.0

        Gurpreet S.

        Healthy and tastes amazing at the same time !!

      12. 5.0


        Awesome taste !!!.

      13. 5.0


        It is rich in Vitamins B, Iron, Folic acid and Fibre, with no added flavours and colours.

      14. 5.0

        Manvi Jain

        Soak it for few minutes in luke warm or cold milk and enjoy its crunchiness.

      15. 5.0


        We are using corn flakes of Kelloggs and first time trying these flakes … Very much satisfied

      16. 5.0


        it not let me feel wrong as per it’s quality and taste. I can definitely says it is a 100% Natural and original product!!!!!!!!

      17. 5.0


        I will prefer it to take with milk either hot or cold. It is a part of our family breakfast which is healthy and add on tonic for body.

      18. 5.0


        My kids start taking milk after adding these crunchy flakes. Thanks, Open secret for this Natural product. Very happy and satisfied 😊

      19. 5.0


        As I never liked oats, was happy to see this product as it has the goodness of both dalia and oats. I had too many expectations from the product which were completely met…

      20. 5.0


        It tastes awesome and I need to get used to it as having oats are also really important for a healthy diet.

      21. 5.0


        Don’t get soggy in hot milk.
        Kids also enjoyed the crunchy flakes and even without milk.

      22. 5.0


        It’s just the right amount of crunchiness!!! Dalia and oats …what else is required.

      23. 5.0


        My kids love its crunchiness. My kids love to eat it as a snack sometimes and sometimes in milk. Flakes are neither sweet nor salty but yummy in taste.

      24. 5.0


        One glass of milk with flakes and a bowl of fruits is enough for kids in breakfast.Full tummy happy family.Also the packing is airtight.My family loves the flakes very much.

      25. 5.0


        When it comes to think about your kid’s breakfast, you have very few options to choose from especially if you’re a working mom. I need some quick fix yet healthy for my kid…Open secret just solved it!! Keep it up

      26. 5.0


        My son loves this with a dash of milk in his breakfast. And mom life is sorted.

      27. 5.0


        Tastes good. Crisp & crunch exactly as I needed. Not too hard. So I find it better than those commonly available orange colour corn flakes.

      28. 5.0


        Easy to make and yummy to eat.

      29. 5.0


        As a mother, I continuously worry about giving proper nutrition to my kid in the morning breakfast. It is healthy and is a combination of calcium and Iron. It is very crunchy and tastes delicious because of that my daughter loves to eat it during snacks time as well. It is also enriched with Iron, Folic acid and fibre which should be included in regular diet. It is value for money.

      30. 5.0

        Sheetal Jha

        The quantity is really good and is a great value for money.

      31. 5.0


        Never eaten a tasty cereal before this , so far the best buy . Also, packaging is good and worth buying it .
        Flavor is just incredible , can’t wait for mornings to hop in to it

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