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      ChocoAlmond_Nutritional Info
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      Choco Almond Nutty Spread (175g)


      (2 customer reviews)
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      To be honest, we would put chocolate on anything. So, in terms of a product description, this product is as easy as it gets. With rich chocolate added to premium whole almonds, this creamy spread packs a lot of delicious flavor with every moms’ favorite source of proteins, Almonds!

      What do you get?
      Delicious, Creamy and Healthy Chocolate Almond Nutty Spread (175g) packed in an eco-friendly glass jar

      Want to grab a spoon and try it already? We ensure that we match healthy to yummy, so that you don’t feel guilty afterwards.

      What’s in it?
      • High on Protein: Contains 87% Almonds
      • No Added Oil, No Preservatives and No Trans Fat
      • Contains 70% less sugar than leading brands
      • Handcrafted and made in India.
      • Vegan

      Ways to Consume
      Perfect to be used as a spread on toast or paratha, as an addition to your cereal. It can even enrich your daily fruit intake.
      It’s a brilliant choice not just for mothers wanting to get their kids have their daily dose of almonds, but also for fitness enthusiasts as a pre or post-workout snack or as an add-on to smoothies.

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      Nutty Spread – Choco Almond Butter combines the taste of chocolate and benefits of premium whole almonds. Loaded with 87% almonds, it contains 70% less sugar compared to leading chocolate spreads. No Added Oil, No Preservatives, and No Trans Fat. Made in India and comes in eco-friendly glass jar. 175 Grams.

      2 reviews for Choco Almond Nutty Spread (175g)

      1. Varun

        Chocolatey and nutty. Loved the taste!

      2. Mitali

        The best peanut butter ever!
        This was my 2nd jar. Have ordered the 3rd one too! Thank you introducing me to this spread. This is unbelievably delicious and irresistible! Opensecrets, you have got a customer for life!

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