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      Cookies In A Box: 25 Peanut Butter Nutty Cookies

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      The limited edition Open Secret Cookie Box contains 25 lip-smacking cookies and features custom artwork by our favourite customers- Kids!
      Cookies that make you stronger with 40-50% Peanuts and Oats and No Added Maida.
      Strength Booster: With Peanuts as the No. 1 ingredient, our cookies are rich in protein and antioxidants
      Healthy Family Snacking : This is perfect for your family when they’re in between work calls or before long study sessions to keep them focused and energized.
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      No Added Maida | Packed with Protein | Full of Fibre | Trans Fat-Free
      With 40-50% Nuts, it’s a better alternative to your regular biscuits and keeps you fuller for longer!
      Vegetarian Product that contains rice crispies and honey.
      Boosts your immunity!


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