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      sleep well
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      sleep well
      tea bag vs others
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      Sleep Well Essentials (Chamomile Tea + Assorted Nuts)


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      What’s in it?

      2 boxes of Vahdam’s Chamomile Tea with Mint & Citrus, each containing 15 Full Leaf Pyramid Shaped Tea Bags giving ample space for tea leaves to unfurl.

      With a premium blend of Green Tea, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint & Dried Orange Peel, it helps improve digestion and fights infections

      4 Assorted Packs of Nutty Nuts (23 grams each) of Cream and Onion Nutty Cashews, Tandoori Masala Nutty Nut Mix, Caramel Sea Salt Almonds, and Orange Cocoa Nutty Almonds.

      Our roasted nuts are full of nutrients and antioxidants and have zero refined sugar.


      Why would you love it?

      Sip back and relax with this refreshing brew ideal to be consumed at night for a calming effect. Accompanied by assorted roasted nuts that satiate your soul and nourish your body!

      Preparation: Soak 1 tea bag in 200 ml of hot water for 2 to 3 minutes. Voila! Your elixir to a relaxed mind and sweet dreams is ready!

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      10 reviews for Sleep Well Essentials (Chamomile Tea + Assorted Nuts)

      1. 5.0


        The tea is absolutely incredible. Its taste is awesome and its aroma is just a chef’s kiss. It left me feeling energetic and definitely did wonders for my mood.

      2. 5.0


        Dry fruits and tea… super healthy

      3. 5.0

        Shibham Aiyar


      4. 5.0

        Neha Yadav

        I’m confident that it is definitely worth it. I’m interested in seeing what new flavours they come out with, as the company has totally piqued my interest.

      5. 5.0

        Tejas Ansari

        Fast delivery. Keep it up

      6. 5.0

        Mohit Singh

        It’s neither too strong nor too light but a perfect balance. After taking a sip my stomach felt instantly calm and cooled down the acid. Best tea at this price range. Must try. Dry fruits were a good add-on.

      7. 5.0

        Nishant Jaiswal

        “Aroma is good”…
        Caramel Sea Salt Almonds were my fav.

      8. 5.0


        Ingredients are added at the right proportion

      9. 5.0

        Sheetal Jha

        The taste and freshness are tremendous and this is coming from someone who hated green tea for a long time for its bad taste till found this brand. Nutty Cashews are irresistible.

      10. 5.0

        Aakash Poddar

        Love this tea!

        Especially after a heavy meal. It really hits the spot then, and helps ease the digestion process.

        I also strangely find that it soothes a sore throat.

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