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      Lifestyle Photo Spicy Peanut Butter Spread 2
      Copy of Nutty Spread 1
      ingredients_Nutty Spreads
      Lifestyle Photo Spicy Peanut Butter Spread 2
      Copy of Nutty Spread 1
      ingredients_Nutty Spreads
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      Spreads Combo


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      Our Spicy Peanut Butter Spread gives you the creaminess of Peanut Butter with a kick of chilli to spice things up a notch.

      The Choco Almond Nutty Spread spread packs delicious, rich chocolate with every moms’ favorite source of proteins, Almonds.

      What do you get?
      Delicious, Creamy, and Healthy Peanut Butter Spread (490g) and Choco Almond Nutty Spread (175g) packed in eco-friendly glass jars.

      We ensure that we match healthy to yummy so that you don’t feel guilty later.

      What’s in it?

      • High on Protein: 87% Almonds. 94% Peanuts. 100% Love
      • No Added Sugar in Peanut Butter and 70% less sugar than leading brands in Choco Almond Spread
      • Our Spreads have no added oil, no preservatives, or no trans fat.
      • Our products are vegetarian and all-natural.
      • We are handcrafted and made in India.

      Ways to Consume: Anywhere and Everywhere! Put it on bread, add to parathas or go wild with a spoon!

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      33 reviews for Spreads Combo

      1. 5.0


        Most Delicious spread. I love the taste, 87% almonds makes it a premium product. The best spread I can find in the market!

      2. 5.0

        Faiz Rahman

        Healthy and tasty spread. The fact that it’s 87% almonds, justifies the price. It’s super healthy and completely worth every penny!

      3. 5.0

        Saurabh Jadhav

        Healthy Chocolate Spread. Lovely Texture and Taste

      4. 5.0


        Realy nut taste help who don’t want to hale hard note due old age.. Really nutty good for who not prefer to hard bit of nut, good for adult old age people who want to enjoy taste of nut.

      5. 5.0


        The best peanut butter ever!. This was my 2nd jar. Have ordered the 3rd one too! Thank you @chefmodeon for introducing me to this peanut butter. This is unbelievably delicious and irresistible! Now I no longer have to make it myself. Opensecrets, you have got a customer for life!

      6. 5.0

        sanyam kataria

        Great taste.. Great taste for a change much better than normal boring peanut butters. This one has though 75% healthy ingredients. But totally worth .

      7. 5.0

        Vikas Anand

        Must try. Must try

      8. 5.0


        Excellent.thanks Amazon.. Good taste .

      9. 5.0

        Richa Jain

        Healthy & Yummy!. Loved it !!

      10. 5.0

        Vandna P.

        Healthy and tasteful spread, just buy it!!!. Little bit spicy for small kids, but fantastic spread for different style dishes like sandwich, toster, chatney and a yummy dip

      11. 4.0


        Crunchy and tastes yummy. Love the taste…. It’s crunchy… Unlike smooth butters… Tastes amazing with toasts and rotis… The choco combination makes it more rich and good for cravings… Must have in ur kitchen!

      12. 5.0

        Rohit singla

        No hidden harmful ingredients. Delicious and healthy

      13. 5.0

        Varun Garg

        Yummy and healthy too. I like this product

      14. 5.0

        savita modak

        Pure peanuts and no additives. Awesome taste…peanut butter which is spicy and pure….

      15. 4.0


        Tastes and looks natural.. Ordered to replace mainstream chocospread from commercial brands , which have excessive sugar and flavouring agents. Specifically nobody knows effect of having excessive sugars and synthetics for kids on long term basis.

      16. 5.0


        Healthy and unique

      17. 5.0


        Tastes great as a spread !. It’s not sugary like a jam. Flavoured just as its named… I liked it.

      18. 5.0

        Sana a a khan

        crunchiness. Very Good healthy product & Tasty

      19. 5.0

        Virendra solanki

        Health & Taste. Good in taste Jaggery Peanut butter

      20. 5.0

        ankita sharma

        Must try. It’s really very tasty and super healthy. Have bought more for me and my family 🙂

      21. 5.0

        Zameer shaikh

        Highly pleasant to the taste. Is it just me or does this meal look more scrumptious because i’m on a diet love live eat ..

      22. 5.0


        Choco almond. Ordered choco almond spread from open secret taste expected it to be a little sweeter that you could eat in midnight craving but a great partner to bread and roti. Expected the texture to be a little smooth loved the almond flavoured good concept. Overall it’s a nice product value for money

      23. 5.0

        Amazon Customer

        Sugar is injurious to heath and might cause diabetes. Use it, it is much better and healthier than the usual sweet ones. Your bread tastes like a burger, pizza, hotdog.

      24. 5.0


        Great combination of tasty and healthy spread.. Super healthy and tasty spread. Definitely must try product

      25. 5.0

        Somdutt Sharma

        Yummy Spread. I loved the spread taste..Peanut Butter Spread taste was Mind blowing..

      26. 5.0

        Divyanshu solanki

        Health in spread-form. It’s purely Almonds, you can feel in the taste. The little added sugar and cocoa just enhances the taste to next level

      27. 5.0


        Healthy and delicious peanut spread. Great and tasty spread which goes very well with bread, paratha etc.

      28. 5.0

        Kushagra Verma

        Best peanut butter I’ve had!. Absolutely Amazing

      29. 5.0

        Goutam Reddy

        Kudos to the brand. Definitely one of the better spreads out there in the market. Rich in almonds, could feel it in every single bite. Very healthy and super tasty.

      30. 5.0

        sunny kumar

        Full package of taste, health and. It’s flavour is nice ,in fact I have already referred it to my friends

      31. 5.0

        subham saha

        Its supppperrrr tasty. It is delicious and really anyone can go for it

      32. 5.0

        Vighnesh T.

        Amazing. Super tasty food well with everything toast, overnight oats, pancake,porridge,as a dip with fruits, or just the spray to help you with your sweet craving. On my 2nd pack already

      33. 5.0


        Real peanut butter. Finally a peanut butter that feels and tastes of real peanuts and not of some vegetable oil or artificial sweetner.

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