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      FOP REVISED-pack of2 compressed
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      Unjunked Bhujia (Pack of 2)


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      What’s in it? 

      2 Pack (350 g each) of your favourite, delicious, crunchy (Un-Junked) Bhujia!

      Our UnJunked Bhujia is BAKED, not Fried, with Zero Palm Oil!

      It has ZERO Trans Fat & No Cholesterol!

      All our products are Free of any Artificial Preservatives, or Artificial Flavor

      They are Vegetarian and All-Natural

      Why would you love it?

      With every wicket gone, so do the scoops of Bhujia we clean-bowl! And the feeling? We go from “This Bhujia is my only console” to “Whyyy did I eat so much?!” real quick. Not anymore!

      Binge on all the UnJunked Bhujia you want & leave the stress to the pitch! 

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      3 reviews for Unjunked Bhujia (Pack of 2)

      1. Parul

        This is probably the BEST bhujia I have tasted, after my mom’s handmade bhujia

      2. Ankit

        Bhujia is my favourite late night snack and I always feel super guilty about eating even a small spoon of it. It’s so synonymous with junk. But super happy that Open Secret has finally unjunked Bhujia and I can eat it guilt free. The taste is heavenly, and being baked, there is no reason to avoid my favorite snack anymore.

      3. 5.0


        It doesn’t get better than this!!

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