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      Lifestyle image of white choco cashew cookie 2
      Lifestyle Image white choco cashew cookie
      Benifits of White Choco Cashew Cookie
      Lifestyle image of white choco cashew cookie 2
      Lifestyle Image white choco cashew cookie
      Benifits of White Choco Cashew Cookie
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      White Choco Cashew Nutty Cookies (Pack of 24)


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      Give your family a sweet treat of delectable cookies that are packed with energy-boosting cashews and white chocolate.

      What do you get?
      A total of 24 delicious handcrafted White Choco Cashew cookies, packed in 4 Story Boxes.

      Why is this the perfect snack?

      • With 40-50% nuts, our cookies are a great source of Vitamin E, Manganese, Healthy Fatty Acids, Protein, and Antioxidants (basically, they’re good for you).
      • Our products contain no added maida.
      • Our products are vegetarian and all-natural.
      • We are handcrafted and made in India.
      SKU: WOCOM171 Category:

      80 reviews for White Choco Cashew Nutty Cookies (Pack of 24)

      1. 4.0

        Rahul Sharma

        So wholesome and so good!. To be honest, my kid and I really enjoyed the cookies. The variety of flavours is really good. The best part is that there is no added maida at all, which makes it even tastier. These cookies also have very less sugar.

      2. 5.0

        Shivang Shah

        WOW I MEAN IT WOW. I know how difficult it is to control when you are craving something sweet. I was tired of telling my kids not to eat chocolates because I felt bad and wanted them to enjoy as well but was worried about their health. I came across Open Secret cookies at an event and I can’t tell how much my kids and I love their cookies. They have solved all my worries.

      3. 5.0

        Bhavya Aggarwal

        Delicious cookies. These cookies are so yum! A must-try for someone who is looking to try out a healthy snacking option for themselves and their kids. Totally love it!

      4. 5.0

        A A SRINIVAS

        👍🏻. Genuine product ..Awesome flavour

      5. 5.0



      6. 5.0


        1 star less for the unnecessary packing. These are really one of the best cookies I ever had. The flavour is awesome. Just a bit of more chocolate and less nuts will enhance its taste. 😋

      7. 5.0


        Less of cookies and more of chocolate😋.. Great taste. Great packaging. A little expensive but worth it. You should give this a try.

      8. 5.0

        Rajlaxmi Gautam

        Awesome. In love with this choco almond cookies. I have a sweet tooth and I am so glad I found these. Guilt free indulgence

      9. 5.0


        Healthy and tasty snack.. I loved these cookies ! They are perfect , and the price is also very reasonable . I love the roasted almonds ….my absolute favourite ….! The packaging is Innovative too ..will continue to purchase this product ! Great product guys

      10. 5.0


        Tasty and healthy. Good. But feedback is…. please reduce the packing material it’s useless…..save your costs & pass on the benefit to the customer

      11. 4.0


        Truly delicious cookies. I loved the taste no problems around that. I am ok with paying so much for small biscuits if the quality is good, but I can’t stand the packaging which is hard to open. While opening it damages the biscuit.

      12. 5.0


        These are tasty but not cookies. Please cut down packing!! And yes ,it’s more of peanuts than almonds…chocopeanuts rather than choco almonds!! Tastes is good though…

      13. 5.0


        Favourite white chocolate cookies. Kindly reduce packing expenses and make it a bit cheaper. Ingredients are if top quality.

      14. 5.0


        Taste Cooke’s… V good actually, they’re like chikki with gur replaced by chocolate

      15. 5.0

        Vishal Pandey

        Deli. Great

      16. 5.0

        Pavan Kalasvad

        Good taste. We can’t stop just by eating one. Stomach craves for having few more cookies

      17. 4.0


        Delicious. I was searching for some healthy cookies on Amazon and found this product, open secret. Was very impressed with their packaging, and lovely messages on the cookies. They are Very good tasting and healthy cookies, it does have some preservatives, and if they can find ways to not add any preservatives at all then even better. All in all very happy with open secret, and being an Indian company, hope they do well.

      18. 5.0

        Mitesh H Kalyani

        Its totally dry fruits and chocolate biskits…… Testy. Simply an awesome product

      19. 5.0

        Dr. A.

        Great Taste.. It’s worth trying. Very tasty and awsome cookies. It was sent on Rakshabandhan from my brother. Then again I ordered it .

      20. 4.0


        Healthy Snacking. Taste was good. Packaging was awesome. good for gifting. but Quantity is very less for the price. the size of cookies were smaller than normal cookies. Overall ok. I tried it once. but may not want to buy again as the quantity is very less for the price.

      21. 5.0

        Reshma Anu

        Too good. Its very tastey and very rich narriesed

      22. 4.0


        Open secrt delisious. The cookies are hardly 3-3.5 cms in diameter which was dissappointing for me. But guess the nutritional value compensated for it.

      23. 5.0

        Pramod Yadav

        Love it! Must try!. The manufacturer can decrease the amount of packaging (cost cutting) and increase the amount of chocolate and almonds in it. The taste is good, but peanuts are found much more than the almonds on this.

      24. 4.0

        Arnab Ghosh

        Needs Improvement.. Taste is good. However packaging is better than the taste. Please try to remove extra costs spend on the packaging and decrease the price. Lower MRP expected.

      25. 4.0


        MUST TRY! Absolutely Amazing.. The packaging is so excessive, such a waste of paper and plastic. Please be more environmentally conscious. Good taste and flavor. Its like US Kind bars.

      26. 5.0

        Anisha Pinto

        Crunchy munchy. Just too good.

      27. 5.0

        varun gupta

        Good product. Very Tasty Cookies!!

      28. 4.0



      29. 5.0


        No maida biscuits. Perfect blend of Health and Taste.

      30. 5.0


        Tastes amazing. Flavor is too good with a unique packaging and so much nutritios. Value for money. Nice option to gift someone

      31. 5.0


        Tasty and healthy cookies. The most awesome naked cookie I have ever experienced. I ordered the 14 box Choco Almond just to see whether it’s complete chocolate and nuts or has a cookie feel and I was left awestruck at the scrumptious taste of the Almonds, Peanuts and that chocolate base. Kudos to the creators. Now I’m waiting on OPENING THE SECRET of the other 2 variants.

      32. 5.0

        jisha paul

        Very taste. Nice product

      33. 5.0

        Piyush G.

        Amazing cookies❤️. Great taste

      34. 5.0


        Excess packaging. Couldn’t find any better cookies for white chocolate. Healthy and tasty, I’m a fan, will order again for sure

      35. 5.0


        Pricey but good and unique product. Had ordered this flavour earlier and had absolutely loved it! And it’s great that it comes in a pack of 25 now. It’s so easy to store it as well because of the cute little packets they come in.

      36. 5.0


        Really good. Absolutely appreciate that the brand is taking the consumer feedback of excess packaging seriously and has comeup with this new idea! Keep making these amazing and yummy cookies❤️

      37. 5.0

        Richa Jain

        Healthy twist with yummy chocolate flavour. Ordered this for the first time and absolutely loved it!

      38. 5.0


        Love it!!. Excellent tasting cookies. A great snack for hunger pangs.

      39. 5.0


        Yummy. Perfect proportion of tasty and healthy. A snack one should try, great packaging.

      40. 5.0

        Minal Thukral

        Awsm Tasty ….Must buy. Tasty and healthy

      41. 5.0


        Didn’t find it value for money. really nice, very nutty, not overly sugary, very tasty . a little too nutty for summers I suppose, but that’s not a shortcoming at all! pretty yum

      42. 4.0

        Himansu Rout

        Chocolate & Nut cookies. Like

      43. 5.0


        Good one. Great taste, well priced, good packaging

      44. 5.0


        Love it.. Great product

      45. 5.0

        Nikhita Rao

        Love the cookiessss!!. I’ve never had a better healthy cookie before. Its all fresh nuts and dark chocolate. In love with the cute little packaging it comes it. My parents who aren’t even that fond of sweets licked it till the end. :)))

      46. 5.0

        Monalisha Sinha

        Great healthy option for hunger pangs. Very nice product and crunchy taste

      47. 5.0

        Mathew Cyriac

        Taste is good. However packaging is better than the taste.. Good. Chocolate melts easily and sticks to the wrapper, but that is not their fault, I just live in a hot environment. The taste, freshness and quality is really really good. I mean for the price I am paying…

      48. 4.0


        It was good. The choco almond cookies are awesome in taste, are so crunchy and good for traveling or office mid munching with no stress of storage

      49. 5.0

        Monica Goyal

        Very costly. Wonderful cookies. Just freshly made. Delicious , thanks to seller for sending such fresh cookies.

      50. 4.0

        Prince Jain

        awesome product. Love the taste!!!! It’s so good!! Finished 25 of these in less than a week. So good.

      51. 5.0

        Muskan gupta

        Good. Taste was super …I liked

      52. 5.0


        Yummy and healthy. For a health conscious, chocolate lover. these are bit sizes of heaven.. Perfect blend of healthy and happy.. Pricy for the size but worth a try at least.. Substitute for a snickers minus the caramel

      53. 5.0

        Vaibhav parte

        Cookie Heaven. I love it ………Nice product for gift your gf or family or kids….

      54. 5.0

        Sourav Dey

        Good taste, Packaging is a waste. Very nice tasty product….worthy. Must buy

      55. 4.0

        Aparna Sharma

        OPEN SECRET. I loved this product but, the product is really bite sized and expensive. Only buy when you plan to treat yourself and have extra money for it.

      56. 5.0

        Jyoti Uberoi

        Very Good Product, Great Taste but this Brand needs to Work on the Packing.. Amazing taste and flavour. Not very sweet. Cookies are topped with loads of almonds and rice crispies. Excellent gift item.

      57. 5.0

        Pinky kanta rao Dora

        Amazingly Tasty and healthy. Energetic and yummy I love it

      58. 5.0


        Genuine review. I guess cookies are meant for taste 😋 but these really have plus point tht is, it have good amount of almond and very less amount of flour plus dark chocolate also…it’s also healthy…I suggest one should have it always in cookies box..5 stars from me

      59. 5.0

        Sourav Dey

        Very Tasty and Healthy. Must try chocolates and Milky bar flavour. It’s worthy and Made in India. It is Maida less and it is a healthy snacks for everytime

      60. 5.0


        Awesom, yummy!!!. The cookies taste amazing. Even though the price is on the higher side, they seem to be worth it as they have good amount of nuts in them.

      61. 5.0


        Very good taste & packaging. These cookies are a flavour bomb! Nutty and filling ! Perfect snack and a perfect fix to all cravings. .

      62. 5.0

        Shahida Parveen

        Tasty 😋. Nice product 😍

      63. 5.0


        Tasty. I like these cookies. These are tasty and not very sweet which is what I like about them and act as a snack on the move.

      64. 5.0

        Sana a a khan

        Taste the Delicious. Adding a Treat in Every Occasion

      65. 5.0

        Sonam Tsering

        Uniquely refreshing and healthy. Item is so delicious buy bit expensive

      66. 5.0


        Tasty treat. This is the kind of cookie which can get the line: ‘One cookie a day can keep the Doctor away’ *Conditions apply like you are not a Doctor and don’t have a Doctor in family; and you don’t finish off the whole box in one day 😉

      67. 5.0

        sneha pandey

        The cookies are tasty. One snack I can give my kids guilt free.

      68. 5.0


        Genuine product. Its nice….free of maida, wholely made of nuts nd chocolate…thus justifying its identity #open secrets#😋😋😋 It would be a cherry on top of cake if the price could be reduced to some extent…😊

      69. 5.0


        Must Try!. Where do we begin. From the properly measured out biscuit portions to the great importance given to customer reviews this brand knows how to make some good cookies which are not only chocolatey but also nutritios. The chocolate layer goes well with the granola and the crunchy almonds provide a texture difference that everyone loves. Each bite is a mouthful so even one cookie would be enough to satisfy those sugary cravings I tell you. 5/5 for packaging and delivery too. A must try ( P.S don’t eat too much of it otherwise you will get addicted to it )

      70. 5.0

        Navdeep Singh

        A healthy snack for gifting. Awesome taste

      71. 5.0

        Kavitha Sekaran

        Love the taste…. I was looking for a healthy and different kinda snack to send to my mom for her birthday and these were perfect! She enjoyed the cookies as it is made of nuts and no other unnecessary ingredients. To try something new this is a good choice.

      72. 4.0


        Chocolate goodness – Guilt free !. This is nice and good chocolate biscuits. It tasty and with no maida and nuts it’s healthy option

      73. 5.0

        Vandana Yadav

        Awesome product 👍. I like it

      74. 5.0

        Amazon Customer

        Awesome Product 👍. I liked it, vry testy superb

      75. 5.0

        Dr S

        Something different. Taste like kashmiri walnut fudge

      76. 4.0

        Ash bhatia

        Once you will try, u will ask for more. Good Product,Tasty Cookies But Very Unprofessional Packing all Cookies were kept Directly inside a brown shipping box without any outer Box for cookies.. If i see Packet of the cookie its very Bad & Highly Unprofessional.. Cookies Packets are not even uniform in size Because Sealed Manually .. Some Big Some Small.. This Brand needs to Invest on Packing Machinery or Get it outsourced from a good Packaging company..Focus on Packaging, Product is nice..

      77. 5.0


        Great. Really yummy worth the buy

      78. 4.0

        Shivendu Sharma

        It was full of peanuts and crunchiness of peanut and chocolate makes it a snack to munch on… Taste is too tempting However lil costly. It should be economical if purchased in bulk

      79. 4.0

        Asha Kale

        Very nice product and crunchy taste. It came loose in plain brown colour box which counted only 23 pieces instead of 24 rest every thing was very nice including taste & quality

      80. 4.0

        Amarjit K.

        Very good delicacy. These are probably one of the yummiest cookies, the flavors are just amazing. they are easy to store because each one comes in individual packing. Love it!

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