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      Work from home with Kids at home?

      The Lockdown may have commenced a few months ago, but it is always a task to strike a perfect balance between your work from home and your children. Let us accept, this lifestyle is new for each one of us, but what’s important is to understand that this work from home situation may remain the same for a while. In that case, it becomes very important to plan your day without compromising on both work and children.

      We have listed below a few ways that could help you ace all your responsibilities in the given situations. But before that, do not forget the 3 E policy that is to Educate, Enrich, and Engage. We know it becomes slightly difficult to ignore your munchkin’s cute face and stare at the laptop screen, but look at it as a great opportunity to give your child a glimpse of the outer world while keeping in mind the 3 E’s.

      1 – Educate – No, by educate we don’t mean academics. Now that you’re home, you can personally help your children learn so much more across topics that interest them. 

      2 – Enrich – Convert the lockdown to an enriching experience by introducing your kids to new lifestyle concepts. 

      3 – Engage – This is the most important one and the biggest advantage of working from home. Take a 10 min break between your work and engage with your children- verbally, emotionally and even physically through activities.

      Here’s a list of some fun things you could do that could help you excel in all your roles:

      1) Set up a daily routine: This is the need of the hour considering the uncertain situation we are living in. Segregate your work- both personal and professional well in advance so as to avoid any glitches later. Plan your day from the first coffee to the last minute before you go to bed and see how things fall into place automatically. This is especially helpful for children since they have always been following a routine which has been distrubed lately. Introduce them to your timetable that helps them understand your availability as well.

      2) Transport your children to a creative paradise: This is where the ‘Engage’ bit comes in. There is a whole world out there that is waiting for your child to step in and make the most out of it. Online courses, Art & Craft, Speaking & Writing Skills, Music and even learning a new language are a few among the many other possibilities. This will engage them, stimulate their interest and mind activity and also inject some productivity.

      3) Involvement in the Household Chores: Yes, this is the best time to introduce your little one to the Household work. It’s 2020 and being independent is one of the basics to exist. Start from activities as small as picking the clothes, rearranging their own wardrobe, a little bit of dusting & cleaning, etc. This applies to both girls and boys because children in general need to acknowledge and appreciate the work in the house and become active participants, irrespective of the genders. The best part is that you’re always just a blink away to help them out.

      4) Make your child your Partner-in-Meditation: It is both necessary and nourishing to prioritise mental health in current scenarios. Why leave your little one then? Make it a ritual to practice some meditation and yoga together with fresh breeze and soft music to make it an experience that your child cherishes. Do it in the evenings either after your work ends or take a small 30 min break, doing this is a must and your child will be more than pleased to take up something new with you!

      5) Engage in meaningful conversations: This shall be one of the most reminisced times by you and your family when things get back to normal. So make the most of it and engage in meaningful conversations with your child. Build a strong communication level between the two of you two and it shall be a boon for a lifetime.

      6) Token of love: Well, every lesson and every good act must end with appreciation and gratitude. Gift your child a token of love everyday/ every week in little ways in return of all the good behaviour. It can be a fun fresh cocktail juice, some yummy & healthy cookies, their favourite pasta or a great movie. This will simply encourage them to do more and uplift their spirits and positivity.

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